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DVF, Diane von Furstenberg

The DVF 360° Experience 

By combining the technologies of 360° video and Web VR, we created a unique online shopping experience that is multi-sensory and frictionless. DVF shoppers can experience this in different modalities - on the web using a standard browser, or in a smartphone as an immersive shopping engagement. This makes the interaction between the brand and the shopper more intimate. Shoppers can experience the Fall 18 collection in a “for-insiders-only” journey through the iconic staircase at DVF New York headquarters. The shopper can also explore featured products and brand content across three scenes. They also get to “meet” Diane herself in her office in the final scene!

Deliverables: 360° video and Web VR, Shoppable and omni-channel international 360 VR experience. Launched on the US and UK DVF sites. iPad-driven in-store clienteling - Featured in physical stores to drive traffic and enable better clienteling experience for high-value shoppers. Dreamforce keynote


Production:  360°  film production, VR supervision, post-production, rig removal, compositing, stitching, graphic creation.


Location: New York & London  -

From Beginning to End 

“We acknowledge that the future of shopping will blur the line between physical and digital, and we believe this innovative 360 experience will add excitement and connect us even further with our community.”

Sandra Campos, Chief Executive Officer, Diane von Furstenberg.

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