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XR Film Production 

Before COVID-19, our Salesforce Studios' crew raced around the world in 15 days to shoot a single customer story. Jaunts through New York, London, Istanbul, Bangkok and Taipei weren't unusual for our teams, who have spent years literally going the distance to share customer successes and introduce products with the world as their backdrop.


Then the pandemic grounded us, pausing everything but the storytelling.


Unable to travel the world, our film team instead brought the world into the studio, using extended reality (xR) technology to create virtual sets ranging from a forest to an urban rooftop to a coral reef.


Deliverables: X45 Customer success films, demo and Social media Campaigns for 10 Salesforce World Tours - localised in eight languages.


Production: XR Film production, post-production supervision, graphic creation, 3D compositing, distribution strategy, social media asset launch.


Customers: Adidas, Bentley, NBCU, Metallica, State of Rhode Island, Vaccine Cloud, Honeywell, Amazon, AWS


Location: San Francisco



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