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Medical Missions for Children

Give them a smile, give them a future

I am incredibly proud to support Medical Missions for Children. By dedicating some spare time, I have filmed, edited and created global marketing campaigns and programmes which highlight the amazing work being done by their medical teams and volunteers.  

MMFC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organisation with a dedicated group of approximately 375 volunteer surgeons, anaesthesiologists, medical, dental, speech and nutritional specialists. Our volunteer team members use their personal vacation time to travel to some of the most remote and underprivileged geographical locations around the world in order to help heal children and young adults. The focus of our missions is the surgical repair of cleft lip and palate deformities, burn injuries, microtia (absence of the outer ear) and head/neck tumors.  Dental specialists, nutritionists and speech pathologists also participate in our surgical missions further increasing our range of services provided to the local population of the countries which we serve. Our volunteers hail from the most well respected hospitals and teaching institutions in the United States and abroad.


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