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The British Monarchy

When Harry met Bolt

One of the most challenging but hands-down most fun projects has been working with top travel PR agency McCluskey International on Brand Jamaica.  McCluskey International was briefed to create a public relations campaign to generate high impact exposure for a high profile visit of Prince Harry to Jamaica.

Strategy: Our team was tasked with delivering the production and distribution of content around the visit, which would need to be distributed globally, in some cases in real time. We filmed and streamed a track-side meeting between Prince Harry and Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt, the results of which were watched live around the world.

Results: The project generated £6,117,598 worth of media coverage in key publications such as The Daily Telegraph, Hello Magazine, OK! Magazine and Metro and coverage featured on ITV, SKY News, BBC 24, BBC News, CNN, ABC, The Telegraph, The Guardian Online. Yahoo OMG and was promoted via the British Monarchy’s Facebook page and the Royal Channel on YouTube.

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